What's New In Stacki 3.0

Stacki Boxes

With the release of Stacki 3, Distributions – server configuration sets – are replaced by Boxes. Stacki Boxes allow for greater flexibility in defining what RPMS are available for Stacki-installed servers and offer users greater flexibility in designing their datacenter installations without building and rebuilding monolithic distributions. Combined with Stacki Carts, introduced in Stacki 2.0, users now have an easy to use, highly customizable answer to full automation.

LVM Parallel Format

With this release, customers using LVM will get the same hyperscale level of parallel formatting that is available to other hard drive schemes. This means faster installations in LVM environments.

USB-Based Install

The Stacki front end now supports USB flash drive installation, giving users another option to set up Stacki. With this addition, Stacki supports front-end installation from DVD, virtual DVD, or USB flash drive.

New Support Options

When community support does not cover corporate needs, or custom Boxes and Carts are required, there are now support options available to help bridge the gap from fully functional to astounding.

Need enterprise support? Stacki Enterprise Editions