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How Fast Can you Provision UCS Servers with Stacki?

Cisco announced their new UCS S-Series servers designed specifically to address the needs of data-intensive workloads a few days ago. Read the announcement here.  We.
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Stacki, Ansible, & OpenStack Meetup at Flex

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New Features in Stacki GUI

The Stacki dev team released Stacki 3.2 back in July updating the Stacki GUI in Stacki Enterprise and adding it to Stacki Pro. Since then,.
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Complex Complexity. Simplified.

We in IT live in a complex world. While complexity is rapidly increasing, we are working hard on simplifying it. The two things occurring at.
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Stacki 3.2 is here!

  We here at StackIQ spent the year after Stacki’s release building on Stacki Community to make the system even more useful to enterprise systems.
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